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At Brand Core Media, a top web design agency in Ahmedabad alway lead the path towards building your next website loaded with latest features and best of security. With new trends appearing all the time, the fields of web design and development are constantly changing. And it makes it necessary for web design agencies in Ahmedabad to keep up-to-date with these trends to add constant technological advantages to their client for website design and development.

In the year 2022, it is expected to launch a new website of more than 2,00,000 every day, the agency needs to make sure that the site should have the feature to strike from the very first day. Keeping track of every single emerging web development trend is a huge task. However, staying side-by-side with the top web development trends is a priority. In this blog article, we will explain some of the most interesting new design and development trends with an adaptation of the latest technology that is quite necessary to implement.

1. PWA – Progressive Web Application

One of the latest trends for website design and development is to build a website with a progressive web application. It is been accepted by many tech-savvy brands to better be in touch with their clients. And the trends will continue in the coming few years as well.

2. Speed of Website Loading

Developers nowadays are more focused on faster loading times of web pages, particularly the landing page of the website and lower bounce rates, to create a more successful website. A good-looking and highly functional website is of no use if it takes ages to load and generates a higher bounce rate than normal.

AMP – accelerated mobile pages, is an open-source HTML framework released by Google in 2015 that fosters a speedy and optimal browsing experience over mobile devices and thus keeps visitors on your site for a longer period.

3. AI-Driven Chatbots

Available for the last two years or more, the AI-driven chatbots technology is set to become more refined and human-centric. This makes it more applicable to large numbers of websites and useful for a wider range of consumers. Web design agencies will continue to improve customer service by creating bots that can answer complex questions and troubleshoot problems, by utilizing the latest innovations in machine learning.

4. Voice Search

Roughly one in three Americans and one in twenty Indians are now using voice search technology through Siri, Alexa or Google Home. Widely and mostly these searches are related to getting information about weather, music, search for restaurants, hospitals, emergency services or to know specific things. The importance of integrating voice search features, which rely on voice recognition technology, cannot be ignored by developers as it is forecasted to continue growing in popularity in 2022 and beyond.

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5. Dark Mode

Dark mode not only boosts certain aesthetic preferences but can also reduce battery usage and exposure to blue light. The renewed popularity of the dark mode user interface is one of the biggest web design trends that is getting implemented on most common websites. Earlier it was limited to social media sites only. Although the dark mode sites are not welcomed by every user, it is quite clear that the feature is here to stay for a longer period, particularly for the sites which want visitors to stay for a longer duration.

6. Mobile Responsiveness

Almost 70% of web traffic is now generated through mobile phones and tablets. And the number will continue to grow in the coming future. For any website design agency in Ahmedabad, it is compulsory to follow the responsive UI criteria for designing a new website.

7. Push Notification

Push Notification is a trend that started with the increasing usage of mobile applications, but is nowadays common in website development too. It helps website owners to bring visitors coming back to visit sites through the opt-in to receive push notifications that keep informing about the latest developments. This features works across devices and is mostly useful for web owners who sell products online.

8. Website Security

With the evolving trends of website development and implementation of new features, the potential threat to cyber security is also on an alarming level. The security of the website data and the visitors’ privacy should be the top priority not only for the online e-commerce website but for every site that requires data inputs from the visitors’ end. Website security is and will be the top priority for the top website design agency in Ahmedabad.

Master the New Trends in Website Design With Brand Core Media

Even as you read our web design insights, the trends in website design and development keep evolving. However, these top trends in website design are here to stay for the coming few years. Knowing these top trends could be your first step to knowing how your web design agency in Ahmedabad prioritized the task of framework development with these trends.

Do you want to learn more about the latest website design trends and how they can help your organization to get the perfect website? At Brand Core Media we can help you. Because we are the expert in web design and have an experience of over a decade in it. Contact a top Ahmedabad web design agency Brand Core Media today and we will give you the best technology suggestion and the quote you would like to work with.

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