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Brand Guidelines: What is it, and Why Your Brand Need One?

Behind every successful brand lies strategically crafted brand guidelines. A brand guideline is generally a blueprint mentioning how your brand communication will go in public from basic colors, fonts, visual elements to the overall message that you choose to advertise. This makes it an essential job for any brand to develop powerful and unique brand guidelines. At Brand Core Media, a top branding agency in Ahmedabad, we always emphasize brand guidelines-based communication for any and every sort of media.  

Below are some of the key elements to define how brand guidelines can be defined.

ANALYSE COMPETITION: Before defining any branding guidelines, it is necessary to analyze what your competitors are doing. Check what all others are doing and what are elements or colors or messages can be used to set your brand apart from the clutter. Conducting a competitive analysis is an important measure to differentiate your brand. It gives your customer a reason to observe, engage and purchase your brand. At Brand Core Media, this is one of the primary steps we cater to define brand guidelines and competitive brand strategy. As a branding company in Ahmedabad, this is our primary task to set the perfect tone from the beginning for your brand for any set of advertising and brand communication.   

DEFINE YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE: No brand guidelines can be set without analyzing the need and the choice of the consumer. Because these are the set of people who are most likely to engage with your brand, be it digitally, organically, or through purchasing your product. Having a crafted set of target audiences will help your brand communication to continuously communicate and adapt a bold style. Which allows your users to engage and make a purchase decision. Also, it will help to generate brand loyalty. As a strategic branding agency in Gujarat we do target audience analysis through STP – Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning of the customer. Once your specific set of customers are defines, well-crafted brand guidelines which are mostly based on customer-centric message can give your personalized communication for all your advertising. This makes your ad spent more convenient and generates better ROI for every penny spent. 

DEFINE YOUR BRAND USP: Once your define your competition and your set of the target audience, the next and most important part is to define your brand USP. Which the most attractive and distinctive part of your brand. However, most of the time people will say a USP is not possible when they are opting for generic brands or rather products with are mostly from the crowded competition. In this case, also, you can design if not define a USP with a specific message which can enable your brand to be different from your competition. It will also help you to set your brand strategy. 

Communicate consistently with defined brand guidelines and across all the advertising mediums will help you cater clear and distinct image of your brand amongst your consumer. It will help you set the standard tone of decision-making for your consumers as well and generate brand loyalty. Your brand recognition will be strengthened and you will have a better relationship with clearly defined brand guidelines.

At Brand Core Media, as a branding agency in Ahmedabad, we are specialized and professional in building customized brand guidelines and brand strategies. We nurtured the brand from its zero-day to make it a leader amongst the competition through all the means of print, digital and OOH through actionable and measurable advertising campaigns.

To know how we can design and define your brand guidelines and brand strategy from the scratch, contact us at [email protected] or call us on (+91) 982 588 1913 today.

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