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    Mobile NEWS App Development Company

    Creating a news aggregator mobile app or news feed app is easy with Brand Core Media. We can provide you custom build mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms with your list of features, so you can just start earning from the very first day. So, what are you waiting for? Get your custom build an app like Inshorts, Daily Hunt, Way2NewsGoogle News, Flipboard and more in days. Also, our short news app is developed for custom features and supports all native languages for news aggregation. This news feeds mobile app development will help your customers to read the daily news from a single source or multiple sources easily and on the go. Also, short news allows users to read news from a different region, in their language and categorize to specific topic based on their choice. Also, end users can share the news with others on social media or WhatsApp with ease.

    User Centric News Mobile Apps

    You’ve got an idea for a news app be it news aggregation from different sources and languages or a news feed app, we want to help you make it possible for you. Also, you can earn through this app by affiliate marketing and integrating Facebook or Google ad networks into it.

    Custom Design

    There are many user interface options available for news mobile apps like a full-screen card that is used by Inshorts or long scrolling pages like Daily Hunt. You can have your custom design for a news app.

    Easy Integration

    Our short news feed app allows you to easily integrate news sources from different publishers with ease. Be if single source or multiple, you can add it with few minutes of time.

    INTERACTIVE Push Notifications

    Our news mobile app development comes with rich image snippets doe push notifications. The rich multimedia allows vital information like breaking news to be published to all your users in a quick movement.

    Multi-language support

    A news app for a branded news channel or flash news card with Multilanguage is such a big advantage for a country like India. We can make multi-language news app development that not only gives you a wide range of audiences but also allows you to source news from all different regions of India.

    Review & Rating

    Our news mobile apps for short news feeds are user-friendly and accessible for all age groups. We allow customer feedback on the application as well as reviews and ratings so the app can be more dynamic in usage and it helps continuous evolution as well.

    News Aggregator App

    This is a new age of news mobile applications that comes with the advantage of multiple sources to be showcased at the same time. You can take a feed from different news websites and blogs and publish on your short news feed aggregator application. The advantage of this news app is that you can use other portal sources to be published on your app with their brand name. This can be a flashcard with a news image, title and short description at once with the brief. Users can read full news if interested or can move to the next news. Newsfeeds in shorts can be bifurcated into categories, breaking news, city news and more. You can make money with this type of news aggregator app through affiliate marketing and Google Admob or Facebook Ads. This news app is simply a clone app of Insorts, Daily Hunt, Wa2News or Google News.

    Dedicated News Portal App

    This is more of an app we see for the news portals like The Times of India, Hindu, New York Times or news apps of regional newspapers in vernacular language. Being the owner or publisher of the news media house or blog content writer you can publish your own story under your brand name. This news publishing on the news app can be automated as we develop your news website or if you have a current website then we connect your site with a new news app designed and developed for you. Your news app will automatically fetch news from your current website or news portal and publish on your app so you don’t have to manage two different admins for the same. With this type of news portal app development, you can have a design and UI that exactly matches to your brand identity and the name of your company as an app publisher.
    With news mobile apps be it for short-feed news aggregators or branded news portals developed by Brand Core Media gives the best user experience. Our apps are fast and easy with a user-friendly interface and navigation, also a selection of news language and choice of categories are easy with us.
    We offer news app features like push notifications, auto-fetching news from single or multiple sources, social sharing, both free and paid versions for users, rich image galleries, news flashcards and more with custom design and branding. Also our white label service offers you to publish your app with your publisher id on Google Play Store and Apple App Store as well.

    Get the Best News Publication App

    Since last many years news mobile apps are one of the top things that attract all categories of users. It gives the best chance to monetize through app by cross promoting brands, advertise with platforms of Google and Facebook and integrate paid branded stories with ease.



    This is the first thing we consider while developing the best news mobile application, be it an aggregator or branded news portal. We know how challenging it is to develop an app that is suitable for all types and all ages of mobile users.

    Auto Publish News

    Every effort of our news app development agency assures you that your visitors will get the best of the latest news first. Our news application comes with an auto-publishing dashboard so it goes live as soon as you publish your news on the web.

    Real-Time Push Notification

    Push notification is a must for every news app to operate. It not only gives the best of breaking news first to its users but also provides information assistance too. Our news mobile app is fully loaded with interactive push notification features.

    In-Built Monetisation

    Monetization through the mobile app is the best way to earn passive income. We offer you an app that is integrated with monetization features like private advertising, Google Admob and Facebook Ad network.


    News loading speed throughout the application with multiple categories matters a lot. Particularly when it comes to news aggregator website that fetches news from the different sources and publish on a single platform.


    An essential feature for any news app development is its backend admin system to manage news and publish in real time with categories or sub categories. Our news app is stable and secure with rich media integration of video streaming as well.

    Live News Channels

    Our mobile news app development is best suited for those looking to aggregate multiple live news channels or wants to publish their own through mobile app. We provide live streaming news app development.

    Publish E-Paper daily

    Reading e-newspapers daily is one of the common habit for people looking to read news online. Our news app is designed and develop in a way to make it happen to publish e papers from single or multiple source.

    Access any news website

    Reading news from the multiple websites are the things of past now. Our news app allows you to access multiple websites at a single point. Be it of single or multi language news app, access your favourite news site from single app

    About Brand Core Media

    We are leading and technology driven mobile app development company in Ahmedabad. We provide customised solutions using different mobile platforms like native Android, iOS, Hybrid / Cross-Platform and Mobile Web Application. Not only this but we also offers integrated solutions for news mobile application development with live video streaming, rich media publication and other streaming features.

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