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We are a healthcare branding agency that’s raising a standards. we raise the statement in what’s best possible for healthcare branding, website design and development, digital marketing, mobile application development and consumer interactions in Ahmedabad. Be it a new pharmaceutical industry, individual clinics, network hospitals, healthcare consultancy, medical device manufacturer or diagnostics centres, we are here to serve all your need. With proven record over a decade and working with more than 100 brands and corporate houses in India and overseas, we can suggest you best possible branding and marketing mix for your brand.

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Healthcare branding in Ahmedabad has completely evolved. No longer focused only on design and printing, it is now integrated to design, digital and PR practices. Today media and communication mix of web design, online portals, mobile apps, social media promotions, online brand reputation management and paid media promotions has delivered consistent, measurable and commercially affordable outcomes. Pharmaceuticals, clinical and hospital website design in Ahmedabad has gained a manifold importance compared what it was a few years back. We at Brand Core Media as leading Ahmedabad hospital web design and marketing agency brings open, creative and target centric mindset to solve all your communication needs.
Hospital advertising, branding and digital marketing is a need of an hour. Being the Ahmedabad’s top healthcare branding company and digital agency we offer services for designing brochure, campaigns for product launch, events, exhibitions, stall design, leave behind leaflets, packaging design, hospital website development, hospital search engine optimization, ecommerce web development and mobile applications. We help our customers to achieve the desired presence in the market and achieve core business objectives. We do it through our creative designing, brand identity developments, digital marketing strategies and engaging outdoor campaigns. Yes, we do OOH as Out of Home advertising, brand promotions and activations for hospitals and healthcare customers.


Effective Healthcare Branding Strats With Memorable Brand Name

Healthcare industry be it a hospital, pharmaceutical or clinical trial is a sector operated with a high level of professionalism. Also it has the potential for both B2B and B2C businesses. If chosen carefully, the name of your hospital or pharma manufacturing company can present itself successfully and offer a more memorable brand identity. The right brand name for your multi-specialty hospital or over the counter pharma drug product can enhance assurance and trust. Effective drug names come with a scientific and technical approach. Good wellness brand names can project warmth and precision for caring it’s goodness. Our healthcare and medical branding, hospital web development in Ahmedabad and digital marketing services like social media branding, Facebook marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) come with brand name suggestions as a stepping stone of any business or brand promotion activities. We provide the brand naming guidelines that suit industrial standards, mission and vision of an organization and target audiences. Our branding and brand naming suggestions also come with checking the availability for trademark registration, similar business registration checking, effective meaning and availability of web domain names for website registration. Names suggested by hospital branding company Ahmedabad Brand Core Media reflects the core identity of the business, bring innovations, dedicated research and integrity to medical, biotech, therapist names. The names for online pharmaceutical portals, medical and clinical services, medical mobile applications, online health and hospital app are on high demand as more and more hospitals and healthcare businesses are opting online way to be in touch with their customers and stakeholders.

What makes effective brand identity & communication design?

Brand identity development for healthcare brands is the second stage once the brand name is been decided. Brand identity development starts with the logo design. Good healthcare of hospital logo design stands for your business vision. Also, the logo design for pharmaceutical manufacturing, online pharmacy mobile application and hospital application is more important in these days of the digital era. A good logo communicates your organizational ethics through colour, shape, style, fonts and other design elements. The healthcare industry is one of the vital sectors cannot be easily compared with other industry. From the healthcare branding and hospital advertising perspective designing an apt logo for the pharma industry, medical and clinical organization or online healthcare application for Android & iOS is quite a challenging task. It should be speaking the language of the organization’s essence and trustworthiness and generate a positive brand impression amongst the customers. As a top branding and healthcare advertising company in Ahmedabad, we analyze all your requirements and offer thoughtful suggestions. Once this is been done the next stage for brand identity development is a print collaterals design. Starting from your corporate identities like business cards, letterhead, mailers, healthcare infographic, envelopes and more. Also the communication design from healthcare and hospital brochure design, leaflet / pamphlets, medical mailers, hospital internal branding, corporate communication design, product manuals, newspaper ad design, presentation design, packaging, greetings, ad design, magazine ad design and periodicals design, corporate and annual reports design for pharma company are some of the healthcare and hospital branding services we provide in Ahmedabad.

Building powerful online presence for your healthcare business.

Website design and development for the hospital and healthcare industry play a vital role for their success these days. A strong digital presence through a website with creative design, features and two-way communication with visitors is necessary to promote your services online. A top-quality hospital web design company in Ahmedabad, Brand Core Media offers content reach, fast loading, secure, responsive and dynamic website design and web portal development for many customers in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Baroda and Rajkot. We have developed a website for multi-specialty hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers, NABL accredited full-service medical laboratory, a micro pathology laboratory, contact manufacturer, pharma machine manufacturer and ecommerce web portal for health supplements. We are the best healthcare website designing company in Ahmedabad for all size and types of healthcare industries. Also, our affordable website design are best choice for healthcare start-ups in pharmaceutical, biotech & online pharmacy mobile application customers. Our team of website designers and web developers works with deep knowledge and experience about the industry and craft clear, informative and responsive website for the healthcare industry. We are specialized in custom healthcare and medical website design for doctors, dentists, hospitals and clinics. Also we are the best gynecology and IVF clinic website design company in Ahmedabad. Our web design also comes with a search engine optimized and integrated with different social media networks. Our custom web development in Ahmedabad for multi-specialty hospitals comes with features like patient registration, appointment booking, online payment gateway integration, and hospital ERP integration.

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Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency That Delivers Result
Digital marketing in healthcare industry is constantly evolving. Be it hospital website design & development or online pharmacy delivery mobile application, there are ever increasing demand of promoting brand though digital platform. We provide services for hospital website SEO, hospital pay per click and search engine marketing, medical and clinical social media marketing, doctor’s online reputation management and online PR, video animation designing and more with result oriented and targeted activities.

SEO SERVICE for hospital & healthcare

SEO for healthcare is one of the leading online branding and marketing practice. We are healthcare and hospital SEO company in Ahmedabad. Search Engine Optimization, SEO for hospital, medical, pharmaceuticals and healthcare in Ahmedabad is one of the chosen marketing and promotion tools that most of our customers using now. Also pharma industries, especially contact pharma manufacturers in Ahmedabad are looking for SEO service to promote their third party manufacturing facility. More and more people are looking to the internet for their medical and clinical issues or to search for the best hospital in Ahmedabad through Google. This proves to be big opportunities for individual doctors, clinics, specialist physicians and multispecialty and multi-super-specialty hospitals in Ahmedabad through SEO to gain a better online presence and generate more inquiries. Especially search engine optimization, SEO for hospitals and doctors in Ahmedabad helps hospital websites to result higher in organic search engine result pages (SERP) for disease and specialist related local Google search keywords.


We are a healthcare and hospital social media marketing and digital branding agency in Ahmedabad. Branding, brand marketing and communication in this era of the social media have totally changed for the healthcare industry. Earlier options of MR visits, personal mailers and brochures have been drastically replaced by social media marketing, online reputation management and Facebook promotions. Social media marketing for hospitals, pharmaceuticals and other healthcare operators are not limited to brand promotions and one-way communication, it offers two-way discussion and that’s why many people choose Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to get some knowledge, connect with experts and raise their health-related queries. Facebook Promotion and Instagram advertising, social media marketing and campaigning are the chosen options for many healthcare industries to have fruitful conversations. As a healthcare and hospital digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad we provide strategic online branding options and execution support through content generation, creative designing, animation, customer research, paid campaign advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter and social media profile management services.

Pay Per Click & Search Engine Marketing for healthcare industry

Branding your healthcare industry, be it a hospital, laboratory or pharmaceuticals involves multiple online and offline activities. And one of such important thing is paid campaign on Google Pay Per Click (PPC), or Search Engine Marketing. It has a very important function to keep your healthcare practice float on today’s competitive search engine market place. Our search engine marketing or Pay Per Click campaign runs through different platforms of Google SERP search, Google Display Advertisement, Google Remarketing, YouTube Advertising, Facebook Ads, Facebook Post Promotions and Twitter Paid Promotion. Before planning and executing Google Pay Per Click PPC campaign for hospital and healthcare in Ahmedabad, we research thoroughly about the industry, competition, customer profile and more and opt for custom campaigns and if the needed plan for landing pages on your website to get better conversion rate optimization and inquiry generation. Our search engine marketing PPC campaigns in Ahmedabad for hospitals are relevant, measurable, cost-effective, targeted and fully integrated. Not only this, we continuously optimize and measure ongoing campaigns.


Video is a very powerful tool for branding and communication for the healthcare industry. It can be used for many purposes like YouTube promotions, product explainer video, corporate video, internal communication and more. It can also be smartly used for social media promotions and WhatsApp greetings. When you hire us as your branding and web design agency for hospital or healthcare in Ahmedabad, we do not work on assigned task but we suggest a complete brand portfolio that is not limited to print or digital but includes motion graphics as well. Our 2D & 3D video animation and explainer video service for the healthcare industry is very focused and targeted to niche segments. Our animation and video making service for the healthcare industry includes 2D animation, 3D animation, explainer video, educational video, motion graphics, text & typography animation, product video, international communication video, training videos and social media promotion videos. Videos are a smart and faster way of viral marketing and branding for any industry and healthcare is not lacking behind. Even some of the hospitals are opting for special surgery videos and explaining treatment procedures and testimonial videos for regular use.

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