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Terms & Conditions

T & C.. Really important and worth reading…

We are leading branding and web design agency in Ahmedabad. We work with dedication because our relationships with our clients are based on honesty, trust and transparency. But for every agency to be professional in their approach towards our work there is a needs of terms and conditions. Here are ours, kindly go through it in details.

Brand Core Media will employ the best process to achieve and sustain suitable performance of services it offered for, but Brand Core Media makes absolutely no warranties whatsoever for the services they have hired for, direct or indirect, including warranty of services for particular services or purpose. Brand Core Media, also express as a BCM cannot guarantee continuous service, service or delivery at any particular time or within timeframe, or reliability of data stored, communicated, transferred, delivered or received on its system. Brand Core Media or BCM shall not be liable or answerable to customers, potential customers or any of its claims, damages or losses that may be observed by customers or their customers in any form and nature including and not limiting to financial loss, communication loss, failure of receiving and transmitting data and information, caused by or resulting from delays, non –delivery to transmit or receive service, data, product or service interruptions whether or not caused by the fault or missing committed timeline or negligence of Brand Core Media.

terms and conditions
terms and conditions

Brand Core Media is only apt to customers or any end users for the services, packages or products or other, for the limited to the amount paid to and received by Brand Core Media, and not to any other companies or individuals associated or hired by or suggested to clients for related services. In no event shall Brand Core Media liable to customers, or customers’ customer or to any end users or any other entity for any special, ordinary, consequential damages, financial losses, however caused, whether for breach of contract, service negligence or otherwise.

Customers or any other end entity who or which have hired Brand Core Media will take all necessary measures to prevent Brand Core Media or BCM for being a party to any lawsuit or claim regarding Brand Core Media services provided to any customers or end users. Customers of Brand Core Media hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Brand Core Media from any and all claims and lawsuit of whatever nature brought by any of the customer’s customer against Brand Core Media.

Brand Core Media will acquire, on demand or request, an Internet Domain Name or Names on behalf of the customers. In such cases the customers hereby must waive and provide in writing prior to acquisition of said domain name or names. Any and all types and kind of claims which it may have against Brand Core Media for any loss, damage, expire, claim or expense arising out of, or in relation to the registration or purchasing or acquiring domain through auction in any on-line or off-line network directories, domain booking websites, membership lists or releasing domain name from such directories or list following the termination of services by Brand Core Media for any reason. Any and all cost raised by Brand Core Media in obtaining, maintaining, moving or renewing a domain name for customers or customer’s customer shall be reimbursed immediately to Brand Core Media. Website text, verbal content, graphic content and media content in any and all form of visual, audio and video will consist of only that which is mentioned in the agreed development plan. Any and all additional work or development required or demanded by customers to Brand Core Media will be result in extra cost beyond the agreement. The typical process of the development of website, ecommerce solution, mobile application, graphic and logo design or any other services for that Brand Core Media is hired for consists of providing draft and raw designs asking for feedback and change suggestions from the customers. As a common standard, BCM assumes that three round of this process for each design will suffice. Any further changes suggest is chargeable beyond the agreement.

terms and conditions
terms and conditions

BCM holds and reserve the right to produce and publish it’s work on Brand Core Media website as a case study and portfolio. The company Brand Core Media is also entitled to place as an unobtrusive credit link with message and hypertext link (in follow condition as per search engine standards) in the footer of the website.

Customers of Brand Core Media is solely responsible for the material used on website in form of and not limiting to editorial content, other text content, images, media files, photographs, and other design materials.

Website design, files, codes are the property of the Brand Core Media and shall be only available to customers upon full payment.

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