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    Mobile App Development Company In Ahmedabad

    You are entering into the world of mobile commerce for your business to generate revenue and collect payment online. You have an idea and you want to bring life to it through mobile application development company in Ahmedabad. You need to work with a team of designers, developers, UI / UX experts, software experts, mobile application security advisors, graphic designers and more to get your job done. But this is not all, it’s just a scratching of upper surface. You really need to have mobile app development company that not only does all these but maintain and upgrade your app with all required features for future perspectives.
    That is why, we are one of the best mobile app developers in Ahmedabad with years of experience and lists of successful applications running for our clients.

    User Centric Mobile Application

    Unlike other mobile app development company in Ahmedabad, we don’t just consider it another project. We apply deep emphasis about who would be end users, their profile, their mobile usage proficiencies and more before scratching a single line on the paper.

    Custom Design

    Custom design with performing UI / UX means that it is easy to navigate, fast loading, responsive to every screen size and performing on all parameters.

    Easy Registration

    The registration process on any mobile application is one of the most tedious job that most of the users hate to do. It has to be as simple and speedy as possible. We as a leading Android app development company consider the easiest registration process for all our application developed in house.

    Rich Push Notifications

    Push notifications with rich image snippets and multimedia allows a vital connection between a brand and customer interactions. It helps any message to be passed through mobile apps powerful, interactive and informative.

    Refer & Earn with Customer Wallet

    A well planned and designed customer reward system will work for both of the stakeholders, new customers as well as existing customers. We offer refer and earn wallet system that helps seller to acquire new customers with ease.

    Review & Rating

    Mobile application developed by us are user friendly from the very first go. We allow customer feedback, ratings and review on the app so seller can have better idea about their services and make entire system more transparent.

    Multi Store – Multi Vendor Operation

    We offer mobile app development in Ahmedabad on both Android and iOS with multi store and multi vendor system that allows admin to sell product through different locations as well as through multiple vendors.

    Simple Checkout Process

    For any mobile application, checkout should be simple and quick process. It should use data already entered by customers and also it should be having an option to edit it. The easier checkout process for customers means less drop out at the final stage of any buying process through mobile application.

    Multiple Payment Gateways

    Multiple payment gateway integration makes easier for customers to choose one of its trusted. Through which we can offer variety of payment options like valet, debit and credit cards, net banking and more.

    End to End Mobile App Development

    Once you hire our mobile application development company in Ahmedabad for your next m-commerce project, our team are up for any level of complex task. We work with you on every stage from planning, strategizing, designing, delivering and maintaining as well.
    Mobile Commerce: M-Commerce or mobile commerce for any brand or company is to buying or selling products or services through mobile application. It allows convenience of time and location for customers to get order done anytime and from anyplace. It is an extension of e-commerce platform with mobile application development with e-commerce functionality.
    It can be used to offer sales of goods & services, collect payment and other financial transactions, exchange of information and more. It is one of the rapidly growing market as almost 75% of online transactions happens in India are getting done through mobile applications.

    The Best Mobile App Developers in Ahmedabad

    Since last many years, Brand Core Media has been building performing mobile applications for varieties of our clients. Our team of designers and Ahmedabad mobile app development company specialists collaborate with our clients to draft apps for all types of enterprise to mid-level and start up requirements.
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