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Five Common Website Design Mistakes To Avoid For Better User Experience

Well, we all know that the core purpose of website design is to attract more visitors and turn them as potential customers. As a website design company in Ahmedabad, Brand Core Media is well known for creating best sales centric website that gives better ROI on online investment.

There are multiple ways for driving traffic to your website and some of them like Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Facebook Paid Advertisement could be costly process. Also it has limited turnaround ratio for whatever money you spend. Best option is to create a website that is not only user friendly but also following Google search engine optimization criteria to rank on top of the first page Google ranking.

However, generating traffic is one thing but still if you are not able to convert that traffic to your potential leads then you need to check your website design credentials and usability for better customer experience and ease of navigation. Below mentioned are some of the mistakes that could be avoided to get the best of the website experience for your customers. Our Ahmedabad web designing services provide you all inclusive online marketing channel that motivates your visitors to take corrective action and buy or inquire online from your website.

PAGE LOADING SPEED: Leading website designing company Ahmedabad, Brand Core Media always consider website design and coding process that leads to faster page loading on all different browsers including mobiles and tablets and also accessible for slow page loading speed. There is a common phenomenon that if your website does not load in first five seconds, your visitors is definitely going frustrate and there are healthy chance that he will leave or bounce to other website. We use online tools to check your website loading speed for better user experience.

FORCED GATEWAY FOR WEBSITE ACCESS: We all know that compulsory website gateway through registration form is very frustrating. It can be good lead generating option for website owner but it is really annoying for visitors. Make sure all your pop up forms on the landing pages should be selective and give a chance to visitors to ignore registration for website navigation. Better you ask visitors to register or give communication detail at the exit. Also do take care of asking minimum questions as filling long forms particularly through mobile browsers and tablets is very difficult.

FLASH OR ANIMATION WEBSITE: Website that is designed with flash or heavy animation always takes long to load. Also it is not supportive to all web and mobile browsers. Every time it asks to install few more tools to get access to such websites that have flash content. Also the same issue accurse when you use music to any website. Our company for web design in Ahmedabad communicate these issues to clients in advance and alert them for not using such things to make website navigation as easy and comfortable as possible.

CONFUSION OVER WEBSITE NAVIGATION: Website navigation is most important part when it comes to user experience and this is where you can differentiate Brand Core Media as superior agency than other web designing company in Ahmedabad. When you are planning for Ecommerce website development that offers multiple products to buy online then your website should have the easy to understand navigation and specific landing pages that users can access through search options. Ecommerce web development Ahmedabad done with poor website navigation and confusing product listing pages always ends up with poor sales and higher bounce rate.

COPIED OR NO FRESH CONTENT: Fresh content in terms of blogs, news articles and industry updates is very important for users to come on your website regularly and make transactions. If your website is not updated regularly then there are very less chance that either Google or visitors will give it a repetitive preferences. Web design Ahmedabad by us always comes with integrated blog that allows you to add content articles, update information or edit website with ease. As a website design agency we offer both custom and open source CMS for website management.

Now that if you want fast loading website with attractive website design, custom CMS, easy navigation and responsive to all browsers and screen resolution then contact us today. As an Ahmedabad Web Design Company, we would like to pay attention to your project and offer you website design solution that is best to your budget and requirements.


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