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How To Choose Best Ecommerce Platform For Your Business

If you are looking to build an ecommerce website for your business then there are few things to consider first. There are multiple platform that are freely available for ecommerce website as well as some custom designed. It is important to start your search by which platform is suitable for what kind of ecommerce website and what is best fit for your business. Also it is good to know the limitations of each one. As an ecommerce web development company in Ahmedabad we do offer different options starting from open source, customised open source and custom build ecommerce website including ecommerce mobile application to our clients. If you are planning to develop ecommerce website with or without ecommerce mobile application then there are few things that you need to consider first, below are some of them.

Product Features

Look for the ecommerce platform which has features suitable for the quantity of your products. Open source and some of the free platform has lower stability when it comes to higher number of product upload. Also it affects the search feature and overall speed of the website. However this can be smartly managed with custom build website. Check for other features like product management, multiple payment gateways for checkouts, order analytics and reporting, smart and quick search, offering similar product for cross sales and more. This will make your website more efficient and generate better sales. Also the discount function, sales promotion, customer wallet and money back features are important to have.


It is important to choose platform which is stable and reliable. Check you don’t face the unexpected errors, ecommerce website malfunction, stability against higher traffic and no loss of transactions due to affected flow of checkout. Also check for stable server and hosting prior to making your website live. As a leading ecommerce web development company in Ahmedabad we always suggest a platform which is more stable and customers loves to come back repeatedly.

Useful Functionality

Ecommerce website is nothing without internet marketing and web promotions. Choose a platform which has the features supporting basic SEO functionality, email marketing integration, customer registration through Google & Facebook, mobile responsiveness, changeable design perspectives and more.

Customer Support

As a web design agency in Ahmedabad, we always consider this as one of the most important things to have in your website or ecommerce mobile applications. Customer support though live chat, raising queries online, call now and call back functions and WhatsApp integration will always useful when it comes to offering sales 24X7. This will allow you to solve query of any customer before he or she can make buying decision. Also it will reduce the bounce rate from the website. our ecom mobile app development comes with all customer support features.

In order to select a platform based on the above mentioned criteria, it is also good to go with a platform which has possibilities of future modifications and expansions. Generally ecommerce business grows from single store to multi stores, single location to many and from single vendor to multiple, so choose your platform wisely which has all these functions included. It will help you to save your future cost. Our custom ecommerce web design in Ahmedabad includes all of these considering the future perspective of your business.

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