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Excel In Your Career With Live PHP Project Training In Ahmedabad

Excel In Your Career With Live PHP Project Training In Ahmedabad

Excel In Your Career With Live PHP Project Training In Ahmedabad

Pushing the hurdles offers to fresher students and excel in to the world of PHP programming requires professional PHP training in Ahmedabad. More and more companies internationally looking to develop their web presence on PHP platform, PHP as programming language is certainly on rise. Similarly PHP companies in Ahmedabad and India is also looking to hire more and more talented workforce having professional PHP knowledge and attitude to work in challenging position.

Also with the immersion of PHP open source ready to use platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Magento and others, corporate are looking to welcome PHP coders with stronger knowledge both fresher and experienced. However getting this knowledge that makes students industry ready is not quite possible through classroom and book study, as it is far away from facing the practical issue that comes while you code with PHP scripting language. In addition, PHP companies in Ahmedabad also looks for the students who requires less time to train after job and quick to start as the individual programmer with taking responsibility. Certainly, live PHP project training in Ahmedabad with Brand Core Media helps to achieve that.

PHP project training in Ahmedabad provides professional education that really counts when it comes to facing corporate challenges. With fundamental PHP knowledge gained from classrooms, PHP training can truly be your friend that you can be helpful for early days while you join the job. The classroom teaching gives you the knowledge on how PHP could be useful for programming and how it can be more effective when it comes to comparing with other languages. The understanding of such fundamental opens the gateway for you to perusing your career in same industry with excellence. The overview of Live PHP project training provided by Brand Core Media is mentioned below.

PHP Project Training – Overview


  • Fundamentals of PHP programming
  • How To Use Code Library
  • Object Oriented PHP
  • Understanding Front End & Back End Application of PHP
  • Setting PHP Environment
  • Directory Structure
  • Notifying Error In Code


PHP Project Training – Foundation


  • PHP Variables & Arrays Control Flow
  • HTML Forms With PHP Support
  • Know How To Use $_GET, $_POST, $_SESSION And Other PHP Super-Arrays
  • Know How To Code Self Populating Forms
  • Understanding Functions of PHP
  • Working With Numbers, Strings & Dates in PHP Codes
  • User Defined Function
  • PHP Parameters: Passing ‘by value’ vs. ‘by reference’


PHP Project Training – Programming Level


  • Introduction of PHP & MySQL
  • Understanding MySQL Functionality
  • Working With Database Driven Application
  • Creating Database Schema
  • Updating Database
  • Object Oriented PHP With MySQL
  • PHP 4 Vs. PHP 5
  • PEAR With Database Interface
  • Strings: Printing, Cleaning, Comparing, Searching, Manipulating
  • Working With Table Of Content
  • Arrays: Indexed Vs Associated, Elements, Database Data, Multidimensional Array, Extracting Value, Traversing, Sorting and more.


PHP Project Training – Advance Level


  • Introduction of Content Management System
  • Building CMS
  • Learning open source CMS
  • E-Commerce Web Development
  • Open Source Application Development
  • Web Applications


These are some of the topics that we cover while your live PHP project training in Ahmedabad with Brand Core Media to make your theoretical and practical aspects of the PHP more clear and sound. Our goal while providing PHP training in Ahmedabad for last semester students is to make them job ready and confident enough to tackle corporate interviews as PHP programmers.

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