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Empowering clients through design & technology

There are several components that make the organization great and allow it to be competition with ease. One of the most important components amongst them are the quality service with integration to latest technology for your website.

With the advance research and development in internet technologies, today the digital world is keep adding more and more new perspective every single day.

Also it allows the organization to take higher amount of benefits from it and match to the current trend on internet marketing. We at Brand Core Media, as one of the leading website design company in Ahmedabad largely aim on providing the best in class technological infrastructure so that our customers can get top out of their online presence.

Following are the list of technologies that we offer to our customers for website design and development.

CSS: CSS or actually known as an Cascading Style Sheets is one of the most important website development process approved and accepted by the W3C – World Wide Web Consortium as a website publishing language. The core use of CSS is to format text and images into the website representing the codes for colors, texts, images, spaces and paragraphs. The most important use of the CSS is to give the style for markup language document written in HTML or XHTML. We at Brand Core Media codes our website using the CSS for styling purpose and make it more search engine friendly.

HTML: HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language is the leading and currently most used markup language for writing text and structuring design within the website page. It also gives enormous ways to integrate links, images, paragraphs, spaces, video and more to the content written on the page. it also used in registration and interactive form.

ASP.NET: it is server side coding language and web application framework mainly used for creating dynamic website. It is also used in developing web forms and application development of larger size website and E-Commerce web development.

PHP: PHP is actually Hypertext Preprocessor and commonly used as a website scripting language for developing dynamic content. Apart from custom web development, PHP is also used in creating bespoke software for customised solution.

MySQL: Any sort of custom website design cannot be finished without the use of database management system. MySQL is one of the most used open source database management system that is based on core SQL and commonly used in website publishing, adding, deleting and modifying content and information on the website. It also used in securing data that is entered from the used side on website.

Android: One of the most used mobile operating system, Android is developed by the Google and gained popularity as an open source mobile platform. We provide mobile application development, mobile games development and geo specific application development services for Android platform that is used in smart phones and tablets.

iOS: it is mobile operating system developed by Apple for iPhone. Our iPhone application development service in Ahmedabad includes applications and games development that is computable on iPhone and iPad devices.

Our choice of technology for custom web design or mobile application development is totally based on the bespoke structure and we never try overselling our services to customers. Completing projects within timeframe and budget is something that we always consider as our priority. Our professional and experienced team of mobile app developers and web designer in Ahmedabad are well versed in technology and capable of fulfilling all sort of custom requirement.

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