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SEO in 2014 – Part 2

Earlier we have discussed how the process and activities of search engine optimization in the year of 2014 will change. And in this part two of SEO in 2014 we will discuss how the social media will influence the SEO and what all considerations it requires to make certain that your web page will get good ranking for targeted keywords.


Social media and its usage for search engine optimization is the year of 2013 was progressive but not taken seriously up to the mark it requires. Some of the big names in social media like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest have been optimised and taken for considerations for SEO in the year of 2013.

Considering social signals have become an initial part of social media optimization in the year of 2014. In fact, the content marketing institutes have been hired by so many big brands to look after their social media requirements and connects better with people. There are many questions that brand owners and marketing professional are asking for their SEO requirements. Some of main questions are mentioned below.

  • Do organizations are taking social media and stronger social signals seriously for their SEO requirements?
  • Do those employing right people with professional knowledge and targeted outlook for creating better social profiles, content and generating engagement with consumers?
  • Does our activation on social media and social networks is in really matter of industry?
  • Does our activation on social media is really a matter for our customers?
  • Does our activation on social media really matters to search engines?


To these and many more such questions we can found answers in the year of 2014.


In addition to overall social media activities that you perform on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest, it is going to be vital to optimize the Google+ page for your search engine rankings. Current study shows that paying good time and investing good content for Google+ plays significant role for SEO rankings. There are some areas in Google+ company page that needs to be considering first that mentioned below.

Establish strong authorship for your content. It will help you to bring all your social presence through Google to bring together. Doing this will also help you to improve your SERP for your targeted keywords and toughing your Authority Rank. Little +1 add up every time your visitors like your content directly contribute to your SERP and make a major factors in your overall social signals that influence Google algorithm for ranking.

Overall, the year of 2014 will bring significant changes to SEO perspective and replace the old school ranking efforts with new process of engagement and social signals. We as an Ahmedabad SEO company consider that the overall progress in SEO industry and search optimization task will be an interesting subject to study and apply changes for coming days will be more demanding on customer engagement and preferences.

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