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The Rules of Logo Design Explained by Logo Design Agency in Ahmedabad

Getting the good design from logo design company in Ahmedabad which stands through the test of customer preferences as well as time period suffices the goal of the great design. But the question is how do you find the one? It is important to know that the logo you are paying for is actually the worth of it and it should not fall flat in a small period of time. In this article we are going to discuss about the good logo design and how you can make your logo that collects people’s vote and go well with long period of time to count for your brand identity. Here we’re going to go over everything you need to know about logos and how you can make your logo evergreen, beautiful and make your brand identity count.

Colour Isn’t as inessential as You Think

Colour is the most important part of your logo design apart from the other elements like fonts, icons, shapes and background used in it. It will not only give you the proper impact but also speaks about the industry you would be catering for, like agri-business, medical, energy sector and more. Every industry type has it’s own colour theme that speaks for them. To follow this colour pattern is not compulsory and you can subtle with your brand identity even going away from the patterned colour, but then the selection of right colour makes it more important for your logo design. We as a professional logo designer in Ahmedabad always suggest to have sober colour selection for logo design that not only gives a professional look but a serious feel to your customers as well about your brand or services.

Design it Original

Designing your logo design original is one of the most important things to do when you opt for new design. Do not try to take references of some other companies or brands, because when it comes to logo design, everyone needs to be unique to stands from clutter. Original design will give you an impact that turns as brand recognition. Also it will help you to stay away from the controversies of IPR and copy right issues. Every logo designed by Brand Core Media, a creative logo design company in Ahmedabad is uniquely designed for our clients.

Avoid Current Design Trends

Following current design trends is one of the smart things that every brand owner needs to think. Most of the designs trends are periodic and last for few months to a year period of time. And when this passes off you feel your logo needs to be redesigned again. It hurts your marketing sentiments as well as customer recognition that you achieved through lots of efforts.

Pay Attention for Height to Width Ratio

This separates an average designers from a good and professional logo design agency in Ahmedabad. The world of marketing communication has changed and digital media requires lots of marketing collaterals now a days. You need to have logo that not only looks and feels good on your product packet or on your marketing brochure, but on other mediums like your websites, social media networks and more. You need to manage the balance between width and height of the logo so it shouldn’t appear heavy or light from any sides.

What leading logo design agency in Ahmedabad suggest?

Logo design is one of the lifetime decision and we don’t change it often. It is the heart of any brand and all attentions it catches through any marketing efforts. We always do it best and custom done with all requirements presented by clients. Do let us know if you are looking for any logo designer Ahmedabad requirements for your new brand or products to be launch in the market.

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