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Tips TO Get Your Blog Comment Accepted

There is a group of people who believe that blog commenting is no longer a part of SEO strategy and it isn’t as useful today as it used to have some time back. Although it is true that most of the comments on the blog are kept under the “no follow” substance, connotations that search engine crawlers will not consider it for ranking factor straightaway. There is still a silent significance of such blog commenting. Managing “no follow” links in good amount makes your link portfolio little natural, which holds some attention of search spiders as well. However, blog commenting also have some advantage beyond link building. Participating and commenting on industry oriented blog gives a way to notice your knowledge and promote your business as well. It can generate a traffic to your website based on the quality of your blog comment and it’s appearance.

Below are some of the tips that can help comments to be approved by moderator;


Comments with your real name: If you are commenting on any blog with using your keywords like “Ahmedabad Machine Manufacturer” instead of your real name, it gives a sense of link building straightaway. There is really a small chance of such comments to get approved. Using a business name is acceptable if you are on a side of well reputed business house but more the way is to use your real name instead of anything else.

Be useful: If you seriously want to comment on any blog, first read entire post and then come to any conclusion that you want to mention as a comment. This will help you to add a comment that can really put a mark for moderator as well as to other readers. Preferably any comment should be little in a length of around 40 words and it should be with the good use of Internet guidelines. Posting something like “good post” or “helpful material” will have no value to total conversation.

Don’t endorse: Always tries to share your knowledge that can enhance the post and it’s value for other readers. Avoid promoting your business or services that you offered. Also do not use words like you are amongst the best for given location or for mentioned services. Also avoid including links in the comment area for any blog.

Proof read: Comments with spelling or grammar errors can be annoying for any reader and blog administrator will reject such comments on the first go. It also makes your comment unprofessional and count as a spam by most of the blog engines. So proof read each comment before publishing.

Though these steps are practical and useful for any individual, it does not guarantee for your comment to get approved. Some bloggers are extremely tough about accepting comments. If they found you from the same industry or as competitor, they will straightaway reject your comments. As a leading SEO Strategist, and search engine optimization company based at Ahmedabad, Brand Core Media always suggest to keep a list of such blog and bloggers that have rejected your comments, this can help you save some time on going through the post and commenting on it.

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