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Video Conferencing Software – Live Video Streaming – Event Broadcasting – Ahmedabad

Video Conferencing Software


Web Conferencing

With the availability of web conferencing through Internet, the communication today became more stylish and compatible with multiple devices. There are many benefits of web conferencing software provided by us. Our Video conferencing software works with latest technology to provide you webinar with the best outcome.

Live Streaming Software

Live streaming and integrated services like live webcasting, webinar and video conferencing are gaining momentum these days. Through live streaming software, the media format of video and audio are broadcast online in a compressed form so that it can be viewed with minimum of Internet speed.

Live Webcasting

Live webcasting is a smart way of offering front row seat to all your viewers. It is in real a virtual way of organizing conferences, educational seminars, meetings and live event webcasting through video streaming software. Our event webcasting software offers best broadcasting quality with minimum stream drops.

Event Broadcasting

Watching live event broadcasting over internet is getting more and more popular these days. Our event broadcasting service through live video streaming offers memorable viewing experience on multiple screens. Our managed event broadcasting is an enterprise solution where we managed everything except the event itself.

Webinar Software

Webinar software is powerful tool for two way communication with multiple people at a time. The main advantage of webinar software is it’s feature of many-to-many communication link. Our webinar software service is filled up with quality video outcome and technical support that you receive throughout your webinar.

Virtual Classroom

Our virtual classroom software is designed with real-time online collaboration for teaching and training over the Internet. It allows you to arrange online virtual classrooms, live seminars and teaching sessions on the real-time Internet world. It provides interface where one can see, hear and ask questions just like real class.

Hello! Brand Core Media is an Ahmedabad based company providing full service event webcasting and live video streaming service with zeal to offer best video streaming at lower minimum bandwidth and lowest stream drop. Our web conferencing and virtual classroom software are best in class that offers compressed media in a way that you can enjoy highest quality of audio-video output.

The advantages of video conferencing software provided by Brand Core Media, Ahmedabad are many. Our web conferencing and live webcasting service can help you to meet virtually anyone in the world. All they have to do is to get on their browser and click the link provided by us. While we will do the rest of the work for you like providing proxy and firewall compatible browsing, many-to-many linkage and secure video conferencing platform. Our webinar service in Ahmedabad can help you present high quality online presentations, live streaming of video, event broadcasting and online training seminars. Webinar software allows you to communicate with others by providing better interaction compare to web casting and less than the online meetings. These online virtual classrooms or training seminars are in general great for product demonstration and marketing purposes. Another advantage of our video conferencing software is that it allows you to share documents and applications online while conducting a seminar or meeting. You can also show file from your computer to share it with others from far distance. Our webinar service in terms proves as a great for training people, giving them product or service demonstration or helping them to get their issue solve.

Are you looking for video conferencing software or broadcast your event live? We are here to help you.