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What Is Long Tail KeyWords For SEO

Long tail keywords in terms of search engine optimization are to be considered as a phrase that includes at least four or more words in entire search term. Such long tail keywords are mostly used when the searchers are looking for something very specific in terms of product or services or availability at some particular location. For example: instead of looking for “chinese food”, the searcher looks for “chinese restaurants in London”.

These types of keywords are highly specific in terms of nature and bring low traffic to any website but it is sure that whatever it brings will be the targeted customers looking for specific services. The probability of such keywords for bringing business through website is very high once optimised well for search traffic. It gives higher conversion rates and offers quality traffic rather than the generic traffic.

The Benefits of Long Tail Keywords

The concept of long tail keywords is very clear and fundamental. It helps you to get the specific amount of traffic for exactly what you are offering and what exactly people are looking for. Rather than a generic traffic, long tail keywords gives a chance to get higher amount of successful leads and more positive results. The more specific you be on your long tail keyword strategy, higher the chances that you get traffic that is suitable to your website. The other advantage of long tail keywords is that it is less competitive. It gives you a chance to rank your website for those keywords with little efforts and results will also be for longer duration for your website’s search engine optimization process. On a long term basis these long tail keywords will also improve your search marketing ranking for some generic and short keywords as well.

According to the latest Google algorithm Hummingbird change, long tail keywords or key phrases that are like the conversions proven to be more beneficial. Google also welcomed such optimization practices. To know more about Ahmedabad SEO Company contact us.

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