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Brand Core Media 2.0

Brand Core Media 2.0 – The Brand Story of Brand Core Media

Over the past 7 years, we have been successfully part of hundreds of branding, re-branding and brand identity projects. We have worked with all varieties of branding projects involving various tasks
starting from brand naming, logo designing, web and digital communication, packaging and more.

During this time, we have face many changes. The overall branding involves from simple design and print work to buzz-world, digital and social media communication, integrated brand communications and more. For us every case for branding is unique and a custom job that sets to start from the scratch. Every customer understands the concept and process of branding differently and with their suggestions and demands through the concepts and design process adds a value to brand that motivates us on a long way. Even sometimes we have faced some of the clients that devalue or derail their brands or branding process because of the less experience, impractical demands and lack of trust.

However, in reality it’s the part and life of the game that we are in, and we enjoy being the best branding agency in Ahmedabad with 100+ satisfied customers and our success partners. These day to day challenges makes the work more interesting and helps us to know how different people pursue different brands. It helps us to know a customer behaviour and saves a lot of on market research and studying public perception. It makes us understand that for most of the clients, branding work is more about a psychology need as anything else. We have worked with many customers that find it very difficult to know whom to believe, who is the right person to take suggestions from, what significance each word, font or colour have and what statements bold or underlined word makes in your brand story.

Nevertheless, this is not destination but a small milestone in our journey. And we promise to do what we are doing since last so many years with better energy, more clarity and off course with more options as some of our branding agency in Ahmedabad clients are ever demanding.

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