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Top Tips To Make Your Website User Friendly

There is no quick fix that makes website user friendly in a once. However as a leading web design company in Ahmedabad we would suggest that your site needs to have balance between quality of content and design appearance.

Online reputation is now a days more important than just online presence. When someone lands on your website, a site needs to be able to make it count for your business. With ever increasing online competition, your website has less than a minute to mark its presence and impress the visitors. Making your website useful and user friendly is mainly about delivering key messages in a clear and concise manner.


So, what all things that count to make your website more user friendly and effective? There are certain parameters that turns not so good site to performing website. Our experts of Website Design Company in Ahmedabad have explained some of them as below.


Keep It Simple

Keep in your mind that visitors are not coming to your website for animations, videos, pop ups and fancy buttons. These are some of the wow factors that make your website creative to visualize but fails to serve the purpose which is to convert visitors into customers. Ideally website design should be uncluttered and should not filled with unnecessary elements that increases load time.



There are lots of websites which are difficult to navigate and eventually ends up by increasing bounce rate of visitors. Navigation marks should easily be identifiable and buttons should be coloured properly so to draw attention quickly. Check pages of our website for click to action buttons and menu items.


Content Content Content

Write a content which is easy to understand and written without the use of jargons and technical phrases. Some of the things like heading, sub heading, long descriptions divided into the points can make easy for readers to get quick ideas about the copy.


Website Loading Speed

It is worthless to have great looking website with slow loading speed. Remember users hate to wait for slow site and makes them turn to other competitor’s website that is good in load speed. Make sure to check with your website hosting provider for adequate bandwidth and RAM size for good website speed.


Mobile Compatibility

Number of people using mobile or tablet for website access are increasing exponentially compare to last era of desktop users. Also with Google supporting mobile compatible website for organic rankings, it is now more important than ever to make your website pro mobile. Brand Core Media, Ahmedabad website design agency develops responsive website design that can easily accessible on all screen sizes of desktops, mobile and tablets.


Professional Website Testing

There is nothing worse than visiting a website which has broken link paths, images or videos that does not load or removed from original sources. It is a kind of not so good design skills and ignoring potential customers by not taking much care for them. It also affects your digital reputation as well. Test your website thoroughly before transferring it to live. Make sure every link is working and directing to a page or link where it should be.


Website now a days is not just a simple tool to represent your brand online but it is much more than it by getting customers and selling your product or service online. And you got only one chance to make it count. So best is to make your website simple, easy to navigate and with good written subjective content. Also check for website loading speed and test thoroughly for all links and media portions to make it best for your customers to visit.


For more information about good website design and how can we help you to design your website based on your customer profile and market trends contact us today. We are Best website design company in Ahmedabad.


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