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Responsive Website Design Explained By Ahmedabad Website Design Company

These days every other inquiry we encounter as leading web design company in Ahmedabad thorough our website is about creating mobile version or mobile compatible website. As most of the entrepreneurs and marketing professionals are well aware that almost 50% or more of their website traffic is driven through the mobile and tablet usages, more and more people are looking to convert their website mobile responsive. However most of them are not aware about what actually the responsive website design is. It is about creating website design that is compatible and flexible to any size and resolution of browsers and cab be accessible through the slow loading speed.

Responsive website design in actual is the process of designing and developing website structure that responds to the user’s device and make adjustment according to the screen resolutions, screen sizes and slow loading speed. It is an integration of flexible grid, responsive layouts, convertible images and contemporary CSS coding. Whenever user operates website from mobile or tablet device, website will re-arrange to that particular device and shows the best possible option.

There are several other benefits as well for making your website responsive or mobile compatible. We all know that Google is a big deal now and any website ranking on first page of Google for targeted keywords would have the best of the customers pull. Google also prefer to have a website on top ranking that are mobile responsive. It has started to show the tag of Mobile Friendly on each of their ranking website. Responsive structure of website has now become one of the important factors for organic ranking. Also it helps the on-page optimization criteria by making all URLs same across all devices and reduce the chances of copied page and duplicate pages.

Also our Ahmedabad web design company, Brand Core Media gives you the attractive and easy to navigate responsive website that increases conversion rate and generate more sales online. To put it simple we can say that if a website is not compatible for mobile browsing then it will be definitely difficult for users to do transactions and purchase from that site. Website traffic analysis suggest that 70% of users do not pass to second page it they found website broken or not showing proper resolutions.

Core benefits of responsive website design are as below.

  • Compatible with all mobile devices.

  • Easy to manage single site rather than two different websites.

  • Better user experience.

  • More conversions and ROI.

  • Stronger online sales.

  • Step ahead of competition.

We are specialist responsive website design Ahmedabad company. We design websites that are creative, dynamic, attractive and mobile friendly. Our complete online branding services involve website design, search engine optimization, content marketing and social media promotion.

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