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How Secure Is WordPress Content Management System?

From the very beginning WordPress has a doubtable reputation of having a poor security checks. It is considered to be a vulnerable in terms of security checks. However, it is one of the most popular and highly used open source CMS with almost 40% of current websites are running on the WordPress.

There are two core reasons that makes WordPress a little less secure content management system compares to other. And as a leading web design company in Ahmedabad, we always consider high security checks for it.

1.: Themes and Plugins: WordPress is more of an open system for themes and plugin development and usage. And the more percentage of vulnerabilities is due to the same rather than the core CMS. And that is why, at Brand Core Media, a leading web design Ahmedabad firm we limit the usage of WordPress plugins and develop inhouse themes based on the core layout offered by the system.

2.: Second reason for inviting online threat is not updating the software in terms of updates for WordPress versions, themes and plugins updates. Which are more of a security patches released by the developers. Similar to any other software, WordPress and it’s plugins and themes needs to be updates to phase online attacks. And that is why WordPress has released it’s auto update version few years back so security patches can be added to core system as soon as it gets released.

It is critical and important to allows your WordPress software versions, themes and plugins to have auto update to make system more secure.

How to secure WordPress websites

  • Install an SSL certificate.
  • Provide access only to authorize person.
  • Have strong password.
  • Disable not required plugins, extra themes and functions like blog commenting.
  • Update the version of WordPress and Plugins as soon as it released.
  • Use web application firewall.
  • Monitor server traffic and blog visitors from unwanted countries.
  • As a best web design agency in Ahmedabad, We strongly believe that the right setup WordPress themes and plugins with encrypting the core system, opting for secure server and regularly performing version & update maintenance WordPress can be made secure CMS for any kind of usage.

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