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Social Media And SEO: Boosting your Online Presence For Top Search Results

One of the top questions that has been often raised by the SEO and social media professionals around the world is that “Does the social media pages help me to get my first page ranking for targeted keywords?” Our answer as a top SEO company in Ahmedabad is YES and NO. Let us explain the same for you.

Let us clear the bottom line for this conversation. SEO – Search Engine Optimization itself is a huge industry and contains many steps and authentic procedure to gain preferred ranking for your keywords. And simply having a social media pages on Facebook and Google+ won’t help you to rank higher on SERP. Our process for ranking as a leading Ahmedabad SEO company is complex and contains multiple actions for ranking procedure. It involves working with ever changing algorithm and processes of keyword research, making website more users’ friendly and crawl able, creating content and publishing it to multiple platforms and more.

However there are such things that you can perform with your social media pages that can help you or simply boost your ranking with other efforts that are mentioned above. Some of them with details are mentioned below.

Facebook Pages: Most of the search engines including Google index Facebook pages in its search result pages. It is quire natural to see pages ranking on a top ranks for searches made on the company name or individual names. If a company or individual is not having a website of his own then its Facebook pages could get even more popularity. When the search done with particular phrase, Google’s algorithm show Facebook Page with name, category, vanity URL and keywords. Also the about content will help you to got ranked for particular pages. So when you are looking to get your Facebook page to be ranked on top for targeted phrase, make sure you fill all the data correctly. Also make sure your page content remain fresh and activities related to likes, comments, shares and recommendation continuously appear on your page.

Google+ Page: Having an active Google+ page will help your business show up in searches and in particular cases when the person is signed in Google. Also the number of +1 that you receive and comments and share you got on your page will improve the authenticity for your page. Also make sure your Google+ page is connected and linked with your website and that is approved by the Google. Making a Google Local listing and interlinking it with Google+ and Website will make your presence stronger for local search.

Location Checks In: When someone check in to your location using Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare or using another geo location app, they are not just informing their friends and peer about it but also informing the algorithm of Google for their physical location. So make sure your pages are well maintained and motivate customers to check in. There could be some interesting ways like using signage or offering some discounts from local vendors to get location checks in.

Geotagging: Most of the smart phones today enables with geo tagging features that automatically tag the location when you capture the snap. If those photos with geo location uploaded to Instagram, Flicker or other sites, they will inform the search engines algorithm about their location and next time it help them for showing local results.

Reviews & Comments: It is not only for the customers to know about you and your services. It also influences the search engine ranking in a larger way. The amount of reviews and rankings that one gets will affect the website or page to show up on search result.

This way maintaining social media pages will help you connect with your customers and give chances to new customers to know more about your business and offerings. A well maintain page also get a chance to list on top for search results for search engine optimization process.

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