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Web Design & SEO: Worthless Without Each Other

Despite the well known facts that the good search engine optimization procedure is nothing without the good website design and vice versa. Many business owners and individuals are still looking to get a different website design company in Ahmedabad and SEO agency for their website. It is a quite known fact that SEO and website design works hand in hand gives better result when they are in synergy to each other. Too often companies, big or small rely on different agencies to fulfil their online presence and marketing requirement and end up paying more than what they suppose to do for their website.

We at Brand Core Media, as a professional Ahmedabad Web Design company offers SEO ready sites that not only attract the visitors but also perform well when it comes to ranking on search engines. The primary role of website designer and SEO is to get customers and qualify them as a potential lead.

Some of the important aspects creating website that is SEO ready are mentioned below.


  • As a website designer it is important to have a first impression that is professional and sounding good brand value. So creating graphics according to it is must.
  • Also to have a site compatible on all browsers that visitor operates on their personal computers, mobile phones, tablets and other hand held devices.
  • Make it with clear navigation and show all call to action button appearing to novitiate visitors to surf your website for internal pages.
  • Make it clear for categories, sub categories and product listing on top of the page to showcase with navigation and page bread crumb.
  • Also provide mobile version of website to make it friendlier for usage on the go.


The design and structure of website can help your ranking factors even beyond your normal optimization process. This process is formerly known as on page optimization for your website. Some of the search engine optimization considerations that need to be follow by every website designer are mentioned below.


  • Proper Page URL: URL needs to be filled with keywords and other things that you want to highlight on page but make sure you do not over optimize it for your keywords and making it too long.
  • Pagination on each page. Make your page address sounding so that it makes a clear impression of navigation to visitors.
  • Consider website loading speed. Make it fast to load and also make it easy for slow internet speed while loading from tablets and smart phones.
  • Optimize page with header tags and page titles.
  • Make proper use of links for navigation, anchor text and ALT Tag.
  • Optimize image for size and make use of keywords for image tags and links.
  • Use sufficient content for web pages showing product or service description.


Web Design And SEO: Two Together

Professional web design process multiplies the value of overall search engine optimization for your website by marketing it to more and more potential customers. Web design Ahmedabad company Brand Core Media offers website powered by SEO attracts more visitors to website and converts them making paying customers. With both of these constructive features on board, the value of each of them multiplied by the huge number.

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