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SEO In 2014 – Part 1

Year 2013 was one of the most eventful years in terms of Google updates and SEO. The total shift of the strategy was moving around the updates like Penguin, Panda and lately with Hummingbird to take a course of action away from the traditional procedures. Many professionals and organizations in Ahmedabad have gone too far by doubting whether the SEO is dead and no more relevant to gaining business through the search giant Google. However, as far as we see as a top ranked SEO company in Ahmedabad there are less of upsetting signals. The core change we can consider in a single line is that Google has started fighting even more seriously against the spamming process of ranking optimization and making it more and more human friendly.

At the same time the need of gaining top position for your targeted keywords related to product or service is getting stronger. Also we can see the competition and generating higher ROI from company’s online platform is also getting real boost as other marketing and promotional strategies have proved to be more costly and less productive in terms of conversions. However, the traditional submissions and spamming methods are no longer applicable to get leads, SEO professionals today need to see beyond the ranking race and look further for more robust vision on an internet marketing platforms.

Our experience and expertise as an SEO company in Ahmedabad suggests that the best and the most efficient techniques of SEO in 2014 would be to predict less about the Google updates and respond them with less focus. At the same time it is sure that the game of SEO will continue to be important for organizations worldwide, however the rules of the game will keep changing and getting more complex day by day. Through the experience and experiments we have achieved so far in our career as SEO, below are some of the suggestions that we like to input as what will go ahead in the year of 2014 for SEO strategies.


When you look back at the year of 2013 for the success or failure of website ranking and gaining traffic, the total phenomenon is going to remain same in 2014. There would be some micro adjustments post Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird effects but the overall process will remain unchanged in large quotient. However it is sure to look for the better link and content quality in this year. Keep checking the inbound link profile of your website and periodically removing the links that are less relevant is more required for stability in changing algorithm standards.


So far the content marketing was meant for detailed submissions and gaining social signals to your site. The same is expected to be more mature in 2014. From the SEO viewpoint, we believe that SEO companies in Ahmedabad will boost robust content marketing efforts for generating more business through Google. However the strategies like regular content update, fresh and unique content, authority as a publisher and human friendly content will remain the same in coming year too.

The changes that you need to bring in your SEO plan for 2014 is largely depends where your website ranking and overall traffic stands now. Based on this you need to plan your internet marketing strategies and also need to give more emphasizes for mobile and tablet access of your content.

Remaining points for SEO in 2014 we will discuss in next blog article.

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