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Facebook Privacy Policy Change – For Some Positive Aspects

Few days back, Facebook has revealed some changes to their privacy policy settings. And as expected this has created a lot swirl amongst the one billion users worldwide. However, before making such statements and getting into the trouble we should know what all these changes are and is there any matter to really worrying about. For know we need to wait for the changes that are coming for implementation in next few weeks, once that roll out with full membership, we will be able to tell the spectrum of reach. Some of the important changes in Facebook privacy policy are mentioned below.

The most important one, Facebook users will no longer be able to hide their profile from Facebook’s internal search function. Currently Facebook provides facility for users to get hide from the search terms through “Hide” themselves on account setting. According to official Facebook statement, this is one of the functions that is very less known to general users, users who operate this function are hardly into the single digit percentage. Keeping this function alive can help the Facebook user to get active without coming on front for search terms.
Another change will be on showing the Activity Log for any personal profile. Currently this function shows the updates, comments, reviews, likes and shares one has made on his page, but on implementation of new privacy policy change, Facebook will show more information about your personal data like photos and updates spread across the Facebook.

One more change is that Facebook is rolling our “Request Removal” function. This will allow people to request others to remove updated, photos and other post.

On a delete post function Facebook is updating a change where you can still see the post that once you posted and then deleted from your profile. Now you can see who else has share or like this update and where else on the Facebook your update is still alive.

The final change is that Facebook is arranging new privacy policies setting that allow any member to set all privacy data from one place rather than running around several menus. This menu option will be named as “Privacy Shortcuts”.

All of these changes will make easier for users to manage their privacy policy and decide what to make visible and what not. As a leading Facebook marketing company, Brand Core Media takes care to spread out such changes that help our customers and blog readers for managing their profile.

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